CIMA ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LLC (CES) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIMA ENERGY, LP (CIMA). CES was formed in 2018 as CIMA’s retail marketing affiliate to meet the energy needs of commercial and industrial consumers in deregulated markets across North America. CIMA ENERGY, LP (CIMA) was founded in 1996. CIMA is a full-service oil and gas marketing and producer services company. Our professional team brings over a century of combined oil and gas sales, marketing, and trading experience to the marketplace. CIMA has a nationwide presence and is owned by Mitsubishi (North America). CIMA has established a well-earned reputation as one of the most reliable and respected oil and gas mid-market firms in North America.

CIMA offers an integrated suite of services customized to meet specific customer needs, including producer services and support, natural gas marketing, crude oil marketing, supply management for commercial and industrial users, asset management, division order, royalty interest administration and transportation and storage. We have a proven track record of delivering expertise, support, reliable service and access to opportunities for producers, royalty owners and energy buyers in the United States and Canada.

As a multibillion-dollar company headquartered in Houston, Texas with 9 regional offices, we combine big-company market access, stability, and services with the personal attention that simplifies and improves day to day business for our customers. Through our affiliation with Mitsubishi, CIMA is positioned with great financial and credit strength and is one of the most trusted providers of oil and gas marketing and producer services in North America.

Natural Gas Supply

What does energy deregulation mean for you?

Deregulation of the natural gas industry means you now have the ability to choose your natural gas supplier. Many states have provided customers the freedom to choose whether they want to pay the local utility company’s established tariff rates or choose from a variety of pricing options provided by CES that better suits your business’ needs. Such pricing options are made possible through your local utility’s natural gas Choice Programs.

Customer Choice Programs, which are designed by the local utility companies and approved by state regulatory authorities, provide assurances to its customers that the same level of account service and dedication to preserving the integrity of gas service remains unchanged. Your local utility will continue to maintain the delivery of natural gas to your burner-tip, read your meter, respond to emergencies and provide continuous customer service.

As your natural gas supplier, CES will ensure the delivery of your natural gas supply to your local utility, offer competitive rates and provide excellent customer service. Energy deregulation simply means that you now have the power to choose who supplies your natural gas.

Why choose CIMA ENERGY SOLUTIONS for natural gas supply?

At CES, we are the customer’s advocate. Our goal is to help protect your best interest and your budget. This means you maximize your energy dollar! CIMA ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LLC believes in transparency and customer awareness. And we would like to be your energy partner – not just another supplier.