Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customer Choice?

Across the country, local utility companies have endorsed and implemented natural gas supply programs, also known as Energy Choice Programs. These programs which are approved by the state regulatory authorities, are designed to offer customers a choice when it comes to managing energy supply costs for their businesses.

What are Supply Costs? Supply Cost is the natural gas portion of your utility bill that is available to purchase on the open market by a third party supplier. Your natural gas supply is then delivered to your business by your local utility company through the local distribution system.

CES is fast becoming one of the nation’s leading competitive third party suppliers of natural gas. CES customers can choose from a variety of price options that best fits your energy needs.

Regardless of whom you buy your gas from, the local distribution company remains dedicated to provide service and preserve the integrity of the delivery system for the delivery of gas to your business.

How do I enroll with CES?

Requirements vary among utility companies. CES can tell you if you qualify. Our trained energy professionals are ready to help access your historical usage and provide information about pricing options for your business. Give us a call today!

Why choose CES for natural gas supply?

At CES, we are the customer’s advocate. Our goal is to help protect your best interest and your budget. This means you maximize your energy dollar! CES believes in transparency and customer awareness. And we would like to be your energy partner – not just another supplier.

Does CES provide gas in my area?

CES and its affiliates are natural gas suppliers in Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Oklahoma. We are always expanding our service territory and the product offerings to our customer base. To find out if CES is available in your area, please click on your state on the Home Page or click here.

How will I be billed?

How you are billed differs by state and local utility company. There are 3 common billing scenarios:

  • DUAL BILLING - you will receive two bills. One from your local utility company for delivery charges, and one from CES for natural gas supply
  • UTILITY BILLED - the utility company bills for delivery charges and will also bill for natural gas supply on behalf of your natural gas supplier
  • SUPPLIER BILLED - CES will bill for its natural gas charges, as well as the utility company’s delivery charges, on behalf of the utility company

What are my price options?

Price options vary and are designed to meet your specific purchasing requirements. Two of the most popular pricing options are Fixed and Index Variable. A FIXED PRICE is an agreed-upon price you will pay for natural gas over the period of the contract. An INDEX VARIABLE PRICE is a market-based price that fluctuates monthly based upon gas market activity. Please see below for expanded explanations of pricing options.

Index Variable Rates: Index variable rates which fluctuate monthly, are designed to rise and fall with market prices.

Fixed Price Rates: Fixed price rates do not fluctuate monthly and are designed to create budget certainty for the customer. While savings cannot be guaranteed, you may find that CES can offer you a fixed price rate lower than what is otherwise available from your local utility at the time you sign up with CES.

What happens if there is a gas leak or emergency related to my gas service or my account?

You should always dial 911 or contact your local utility immediately. The local utility will always respond to issues related to supply and delivery of natural gas to your facility. As a utility provider, they are responsible to ensure and preserve the integrity and viability of their pipeline and delivery system. They take this responsibility seriously regardless of whether you buy your gas from the utility or CES.

What changes can I expect when I choose CES as my supplier?

Choosing your gas supplier is simple and hassle-free! There are no new pipelines, no new meters or physical changes that occur. Your billing may change from a single monthly bill to two separate bills.

Who can I contact with any other questions?

You can email CES at or by calling 888-425-9140 to speak to a customer service representative. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (EST). We are here to assist with your energy purchasing needs.